International Café


If your company is interested in P3 opportunities around the world, connect with the people on the ground who can assist you in taking your P3 expertise global.

Visit the TCS International Café on the P3 2020 conference platform to network with trade commissioners from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) at Global Affairs Canada. These experts will be available for meetings to discuss P3 opportunities for Canadian companies in promising global markets. Each trade commissioner will be working closely with participating foreign delegations and will be able to provide Canadian participants with introductions to key decision makers and contracting authorities from these markets. There will also be representatives from Export Development Canada and the Canadian Commercial Corporation to discuss how they can help your business pursue international opportunities.

On the third day of the conference, attend the many International Market Soundings and Market Opportunity Sessions to learn from ambassadors, senior officials, project authorities, and trade commissioners about their local infrastructure markets and upcoming project pipelines.

For further information about the International Café, or about the services of the Trade Commissioner Service, please contact Chantel Blanchette at [email protected].

Quotes from Previous Participants

“Having the International Café as part of the CCPPP annual conference allowed us to connect with trade commissioners to obtain first-hand knowledge of opportunities in different countries.”

“The trade commissioners present at the International Café during the CCPPP annual conference helped us identify key international opportunities and were instrumental in connecting us with the relevant parties. This led to successful cooperation arrangements for our business.”

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  Dodjie Fabian
Trade Commissioner
Philippines P3 Market Snapshot
USA-Genevieve-Fletcher-(DC,-MD,-VA,-WV).jpg   Ritishka Grover
Trade Commissioner
South East Asia P3 Market Snapshot
Tammy.jpg    Tammy Brathwaite
Trade Commissioner
Barbados, Eastern Caribbean
Patricio Cañete
Trade Commissioner
Chile P3 Market Snapshot
Frank.JPG Frank Li
Trade Commissioner
China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei)
China P3 Market Snapshot
USA-(DE,CT,NJ,NY,PN)-Neil-Britto-P3-2020-(2).jpg Claudia Gutierrez
Trade Commissioner
Colombia Market Snapshot
Frank.JPG Regis Batista
Trade Commissioner
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic P3 Market Snapshot
Guatemala-Jennifer-Chacon.JPG Romeo Calderón
Trade Commissioner
El Salvador
El Salvador P3 Market Snapshot
Louis-Lacasse.jpg Louis Lacasse
Trade Commissioner
Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti
Guatemala-Jennifer-Chacon.JPG Jennifer Chacón
Trade Commissioner
Guatemala, Belize
Guatemala P3 Market Snapshot
USA-Genevieve-Fletcher-(DC,-MD,-VA,-WV).jpg Paayel Kalra
Trade Commissioner
India, Nepal, Bhutan
India P3 Market Snapshot
Lesley-Ann.jpg Lesley-Ann Ennevor
Trade Commissioner
Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands,
and Turks and Caicos Islands
Jamaica P3 Market Snapshot
USA-Genevieve-Fletcher-(DC,-MD,-VA,-WV).jpg François Dupuis
First Secretary (Commercial) and Trade Commissioner
USA-(DE,CT,NJ,NY,PN)-Neil-Britto-P3-2020-(2).jpg Raed Bishara
Trade Commissioner
GCC P3 Market Snapshot
Kalakate.JPG Kalakate (Jimmy) Xaythanith
Trade Commissioner
Lao PDR: P3 Market Snapshot
Mohan.JPG Mohan Gurusamy
Trade Commissioner
Malaysia P3 Market Snapshot
Miguel.JPG Miguel Gonzalez
Trade Commissioner

Luis.JPG Luis Cedeño
Trade Commissioner
Panama P3 Market Snapshot
USA-Genevieve-Fletcher-(DC,-MD,-VA,-WV).jpg Karolina Janiak
Trade Commissioner
Poland, Belarus
Poland P3 Market Snapshot
USA-Genevieve-Fletcher-(DC,-MD,-VA,-WV).jpg Sajid Ikram
Trade Commissioner
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen
Saudi Arabia Market Snapshot
Ekasit-Chunlakittiphan.jpg Ekasit Chunlakittiphan
Trade Commissioner
Thailand P3 Market Snapshot
Gabriel-Jabbour.JPG Gabriel Jabbour
Trade Commissioner
United Arab Emirates
GCC P3 Market Snapshot
Jason-(1).JPG Jason Kee
Trade Commissioner
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Infrastructure Market Snapshot
Margaret-Cullen.JPG Margaret Cullen
Trade Commissioner
USA - Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
USA-(DE,CT,NJ,NY,PN)-Neil-Britto-P3-2020-(2).jpg Neil Britto
Trade Commissioner
USA - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania 
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania P3 Market Snapshot
USA-(DE,CT,NJ,NY,PN)-Neil-Britto-P3-2020-(2).jpg Laura Aune
Trade Commissioner
USA - Texas
Texas Market Snapshot

USA-Genevieve-Fletcher-(DC,-MD,-VA,-WV).jpg Genevieve Fletcher
Trade Commissioner and Second Secretary (Commercial)
USA - Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia
District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia Market Snapshot